1. Yui Smile - ユイ 韓国グラビア デジタル写真集はCupick.jp(キューピック)!
  2. Yui Smile - ユイ 韓国グラビア デジタル写真集はCupick.jp(キューピック)!
  3. Yui Smile - ユイ 韓国グラビア デジタル写真集はCupick.jp(キューピック)!

We are pleased to introduce Sim Yui (23)'s first digital photo collection for Cupick.

Yui is an active university student from South Korea majoring in Japanese, who made her debut as a cheerleader for a professional baseball team at the age of 17 and has been active as a model since she was 18. Her interest in Japanese culture led her to study Japanese intensively and she passed the Proficiency Test Level 1 with flying colors.

Wanting to communicate more with her Japanese fans, she decided to try her hand at her first photo book for Japan.

The photo book was shot by Korean photographer Kim Kwang-ho. The 52-page book features Yui in a pure white ballet costume, with a carefree smile and cute expressions. 168cm in height, Yui's excellent proportions and simple, unpretentious personality are sure to captivate you.

Yui herself sends a message to her Japanese fans, saying, "This is my first digital photo book in Japan, and I hope you will enjoy it ♡. You will surely be healed by her smile as she says she is good at cooking. Please take a look!

Model Information

Name: Sim Yui
Age: 23 years old
Occupation: University student (majoring in Japanese)
Height: 168cm
Three sizes:B79-W60-H83
Special ability:cooking
Appealing point:natural smile

Product Information

Title: Yui Smile
Model: Sim Yui
Photographer: Kim Kwang-ho
Contents: 52 pages

Yui Smile


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